Welcome to IROHA PRESS!

I  am  Kazue. M, an Eastern Japanese girl living with an Amamian husband and a lovely budgie, Lulu.


When I was a child, my dream was to make friends all over the world. Since then, I’ve studied English with passion to make my dream come true.


Luckily, I’ve made lots of international friends through work and traveling. I always want them to enjoy Japanese lifestyle and cultures beyond typical sightseeing. Japan does have more things than Samurai, Geisha, Fujiyama and Otaku culture… but not all of them have enough time to experience quotidian life in Japan.


So I decided to started this website for my current and to-be friends who love Japan.


Iroha is the first three words in the traditional Japanese alphabetical order, like ‘ABC’ in English. I learned it not at schools but from grandma.  Like iroha, I want to share with you small tips and stories handed down in our life, which the guidebook doesn’t tell you.


I look forward to meeting new friends through IROHA PRESS.


Have fun!

Check my another website iroha-tabi introducing my projects (guiding and translation service) as well! 🙂


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love your blog (and Japanese food)! Such an inspiration. I’ve been only one time in Japan, but I plan to go back. Thank you for giving so many tips and info. I have a lot to read and learn…

  2. Hi! Thanks for the follow! Nice to meet you here. I’m leaving for Japan soon. This blog can help me understand Japan more. 🙂

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