This year’s ‘umeshigoto’ at my home – Making mini umeshu

It’s June – the rainy season in Japan.

Umeshigoto‘ (processing ‘ume‘ plums at home) is one of the pleasures of this season.

My husband gave me a little ‘ume‘ tree on my birthday this year, which size is almost that of ‘bonsai‘. It bore 3 fruits on the balcony! So I made a mini bottle of umeshu, popular Japanese liqueur.


Picked the fruits. Just three…but so adorable!


Soak them in water for a while. Looks cool and refreshing.


Put them in a reused jam jar with brown sugar (crystal sugar is more generally used, but I prefer brown sugar).


Pour spirits and capped a bottle.


… and store it in a cool dark place at least for 3 months until the flavor and aroma of ume fruits will be fully extracted.

Can’t wait to taste it!