Miso soup of the day: Okinawan-style

If you go and order a miso-soup combo in local restrants in Okinawa (southern islands in Japan), you will be surprised to see how big that miso soup is! Okinawan-style miso soup is filling and nutritious, using lots of ingredients. There are not strict rules – the important thing is to put lots of veggies.

I used bean sprouts, cabbage, carrots, onions, tofu, eggs, garlic and luncheon meat.
You can replace:

  • cabbage w/ lettuce (if you use lettuce, add it just before adding miso paste)
  • luncheon meat w/ pork or other processed pork like bacon

Here’s how I made it.

  1. Drain tofu (momen-type) to make its texchure like shima-dofu (okinawan-tofu) and cut (If you use shima-dofu, skip this process).
  2. Cut veggies and luncheon meat, then stir-fry with sesami oil in a pot.
  3. Pour water or broth and cook until soft.
  4. Add tofu and a spoonful of grated garlic.
  5. Add miso paste as you like.
  6. Drop an egg/person and boil as you like (like poached egg)
  7. Serve in a bowl!

6 thoughts on “Miso soup of the day: Okinawan-style”

    1. For this, I used the miso that my mom made at home using soy beans and malted rice. It tastes like standard shinshu miso which is popular in Kanto region now. I think many types of miso will work for this except for special miso like shiro miso in Kyoto and aka miso like haccho miso.

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