Miso soup of the day: chrysanthemum and Chinese yum

My husband visited our relative and harvested lots of vegetables last November, one of which was chrysanthemum.

In traditional Japanese cooking, we don’t really use edible flowers a lot, except for chrysanthemum and nanohana (canola flowers).

Typically chrysanthemums are used for sunomono, Japanese vinegared food.

But we got quite a lot, so I used some for miso soup.

To prepare, I picked petals off from the flowers and boiled quickly in the hot water with vinegar.

In the miso soup, I added Chinese yum together with chrysanthemum. Both of them are good for health – they have been used as traditional natural medicine.


2 thoughts on “Miso soup of the day: chrysanthemum and Chinese yum”

  1. I’ve never seen chrysanthemum used in food before- I didn’t even know you could eat it to be honest! How interesting! What does it taste like? Or is it just eaten for the health benefits?

    1. I think chrysanthemum is eaten in other parts of east Asia as well. In Japan, it’s especially well consumed in northern areas. It tastes unique…a bit bitter and a bit sweet. Some people love it, saying it’s tasty. For me, to be honest, it tastes just OK… I feel it tastes “flower”…

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