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Sakura-mochi, Eastern Japanese Style

Sakura-mochi – it’s something that I wanted to make before the sakura season ends. And finally, I did it last weekend! It’s literally a traditional Japanese dessert for the sakura season, using a pickled sakura leave which is edible. There are two kinds of sakura-mochi – one is Kansai (Western Japanese) style and the other is Kanto (Eastern Japanese) style. I made the Kanto one as it’s actually much easier than that of Kansai.

Ingredients: 200g anko (sweet red bean paste  – please see this article for the recipe), 10 pickled sakura leaves, 10 pickled sakura blossoms (optional), 100g wheat flour (cake flour), 30g shiratamako (glutinous rice flour), 50g sugar, 200ml water.


  1. Soak pickled sakura leaves and blossoms in water to freshen. Then wipe off the moisture.
  2. Add wheat flour, shiratamako, sugar and water in a bowl and mix well.
  3. Heat a lightly oiled flying pan over low heat, pour 2 tbsp batter and spread it so it will become oval-shaped. Cook until heated and turn over, just like a crepe.
  4. Wrap anko with mochi and a sakura leave. Top with a sakura blossom if you like.


Isobe-yaki (Baked mochi wrapped in Nori seaweed)

Mochi is one of the typical foods served during new year’s holidays. Still in many areas, they make mochi at the end of the previous year and use it as offerings to gods, eat it as zoni (special soup for the new year) etc. After new year’s holidays, lots of mochi tend to be left, and there are many mochi recipes. Among them, my favorite way to enjoy mochi is “isobe-yaki (or isobe-maki)” which is one of the most traditonal and popular recipes.

It’s quite simple. Just bake mochi in the oven till it gets soft and swollen, dip it in soy sauce and wrap it with nori seaweed.