Miso Soup 365

IROHAPRESS features miso soup ideas as “miso soup of the day” and it’s been updated since October 2015. Here’s the list of the miso soup pages that I have posted so far and I’ll continue updating it. It’s dedicated to miso soup lovers and all of you who love to enjoy cooking for yourself and your family ūüôā

Some basics
Basics to make miso soup
Homemade instant miso soup in one minute
Homemade instant miso soup 2 (sakura shrimps and wakame)

Everyday miso soups
Shijimi soup
Lotus root & mushroom
Sweet potato, mushroom & scallion
Dried shiitake mushroom, dried wakame seaweed, onions & buckweat seeds
Leftover egg whites and veggies
Carrot, aburaage, konnyaku & shimeji mushroom
Eddoe & daikon raddish
Pork & eddoe
Northern shrimps, tofu & wakame
Kinoko-jiru (mushroom soup)
Egg plant, Japanese ginger and aburaage
Potato & wakame
Kasu-jiru (sake lees soup)

Pumpkin, spinach & shimeji
Sakura shrimp, daikon & aburaage
Chinese chives and poached egg
“Akadashi” with tofu & nameko
Turnip & aburaage
Chinese cabbage, daikon & shimeji
Chikuwabu, aburaage & daikon
Mizuna & tofu
Kiriboshi daikon, chinese cabbage, shiitake mushroom & aburaage
Nanakusa (7 herbs)
Tofu, enoki mushrooms & wakame seaweed
Spinach & tofu
Lotus root, enoki mushrooms and wakame seaweed
Cabbage and maitake mushrooms
Nanohana (canola flowers) and aburaage
Oisters, spinach & tofu
Baby scallops & Chinese yam
Celery leaves, potatos and enoki mushrooms

Main dish miso soups
Tonjiru (pork soup)
Satsuma-jiru (chicken & vegetables)

Experimental miso soups

Wood ear, onion, pine nuts & chili oil
Potato, sweetcorn, green beans, milk & butter
Romanesco bloccoli, potato, onion & soy milk
Avocado & scallion
Zucchini & potato
Jew’s mallow


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