Miso Soup 365

IROHAPRESS features miso soup ideas as “miso soup of the day” and it’s been updated since October 2015. Here’s the list of the miso soup pages that I have posted so far and I’ll continue updating it. It’s dedicated to miso soup lovers and all of you who love to enjoy cooking for yourself and your family 🙂

Some basics
Basics to make miso soup
Homemade instant miso soup in one minute
Homemade instant miso soup 2 (sakura shrimps and wakame)

Everyday miso soups
Shijimi soup
Lotus root & mushroom
Sweet potato, mushroom & scallion
Dried shiitake mushroom, dried wakame seaweed, onions & buckweat seeds
Leftover egg whites and veggies
Carrot, aburaage, konnyaku & shimeji mushroom
Eddoe & daikon raddish
Pork & eddoe
Northern shrimps, tofu & wakame
Kinoko-jiru (mushroom soup)
Egg plant, Japanese ginger and aburaage
Potato & wakame
Kasu-jiru (sake lees soup)

Pumpkin, spinach & shimeji
Sakura shrimp, daikon & aburaage
Chinese chives and poached egg
“Akadashi” with tofu & nameko
Turnip & aburaage
Chinese cabbage, daikon & shimeji
Chikuwabu, aburaage & daikon
Mizuna & tofu
Kiriboshi daikon, chinese cabbage, shiitake mushroom & aburaage
Nanakusa (7 herbs)
Tofu, enoki mushrooms & wakame seaweed
Spinach & tofu
Lotus root, enoki mushrooms and wakame seaweed
Cabbage and maitake mushrooms
Nanohana (canola flowers) and aburaage
Oisters, spinach & tofu
Baby scallops & Chinese yam
Celery leaves, potatos and enoki mushrooms

Main dish miso soups
Tonjiru (pork soup)
Satsuma-jiru (chicken & vegetables)

Experimental miso soups

Wood ear, onion, pine nuts & chili oil
Potato, sweetcorn, green beans, milk & butter
Romanesco bloccoli, potato, onion & soy milk
Avocado & scallion
Zucchini & potato
Jew’s mallow

5 thoughts on “Miso Soup 365”

  1. Have you ever tried using toasted japanese rice? (i use koshihikari) to add to the miso soup? It gives a nice toasted flavour and are also tasty and crunchy (but need to be roasted propery or will just be too tough)

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