Miso soup of the day: Kanpyo (dried gourd shavings)

Do you know “kanpyo”? It’s dried gourd shavings – brown, soft, sweet things often found in Japanese sushi rolls.

Last month, I got uncooked kanpyo for the first time in my life! It was produced by my relative who live in Tochigi – this area is famous for kanpyo production.

Kanpyo is a healthy food, abandunt in fiber, calcium and potassium. Like me, however, most of the average Japanese are not really familiar to uncooked kanpyo. When I’m not sure how to cook, I always try to put it in miso soup – Miso never lets me down!

One thing you should keep in mind cooking dried kanpyo is to scrab with salt when washing. Then boil about 15 minutes, cut it to the proper length.

This time, I also add beaten eggs in it, which went quite well with kanpyo.