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Junihitoe (special kimono) experience around Tokyo

I wrote about junihitoe (special kimono) experience on my another website. Send me a message if you are interested in trying this.


Last week, I experienced wearing special kimonos. One is called junihitoe (十二単), multi-layered kimono for court ladies – this is still worn by imperial families on special occasions like their wedding ceremonies. Another one is Kariginu (狩衣), informal clothes worn by nobles when they went hunting in the old time.

Unlike normal kimonos, it is not really easy to have an opportunity to wear these clothes. This time, I had the luck to know a lady who mastered “emon-do (衣紋道)”, special dressing skills and manners to help someone wear this kimono, and she kindly invited me to experience this.

Not only just wearing these kimonos, I could learn how the nobles in the old  time behaved. For example, court ladies in junihitoe could not show their faces, ears and hands in front of people. They used a big fan to cover the face.


Men could show their faces, but instead they had to cover…

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Mitsubishi Ichigokan, Tokyo

Mitsubishi Ichigokan, located 5 minute walking distance from Tokyo Station, is a replication of the first Western office building in Japan, which was designed by Josiah Conder and constructed in 1894. Now inside the building, there are an art museum, a cafe restautrant and a shop.


Though it’s not an original building, it creates an unique and dignified atmosphere. After this building first appeared, this district was filled with brick buildings and called “Iccho London (London Block)”.

Last Saturday, we visited Cafe 1984 in this building. Lots of people were waiting, and we were told to wait for 40 minutes. There was a waiting space but we took a look around the building, got into a small exhibition space in this building explaining its history and came back.

They have nice desserts – we had a hot apple pie and a chocolate cake plate. At night, they serve Western style dishes. The price is a bit expensive, but it’s a nice place if you want to relax in the middle of Tokyo, feeling the Meji atmosphere 🙂