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Setsubun – “Demons, go out. Lucks, come in!”

Today, Feburuary 3rd is Setsubun in Japan, which is considered to be the day before the start of spring. On this day, people throw / eat roasted soy beans to get demons out of the house and invite lucks inside the house. It is said that eating the same amount of beans as your age will bring you health and luck. Another traditional custom is to decorate holly leaves with grilled head of sardines – the edgy holly leaves and strong smell of the grilled sardines were believed to get the devils away.

So we (just) ate the soybeans and enjoyed simple “fuku-cha (lucky tea)”, hoping lots of lucks come in!

Recently, special rolled sushi for Setsubun called “Eho-maki” has become popular, yet actually it’s not an old tradition in most areas – it’s rather a new custom promoted by the food industry. I’d like to exlain this in more details on another occasion…

Happy Setsubun day!