Home-made Ichigo-daifuku (mochi filled with strawberry and bean paste)

It is the best season to enjoy strawberry desserts. How about making Ichigo-daifuku (mochi filled with strawberry and bean paste)?

Ingredients: 8 strawberries, 200g red beans, 100g shiratama-ko (glutinous rice flour), 180ml water, sugar (180g for bean paste, 50g for mochi), potato starch

1. Make anko (bean paste) *Please refer to this post for details.
2. Make anko balls by wrapping each strawberry with anko.
3. Mix shiratama-ko, 50g sugar and 180ml water in a bowl. Microwave it for about 2 minutes and mix well. Repeat this process 2-3 times. Move this mochi paste to the tray (spread enough potato starch on its surface) and leave it until it becomes less hot so you can touch (but do not cool it down completely). Divide it into 8 equal parts using a scraper.
4. Wrap anko balls with shiratama mochi. It requires some technique as the mochi is really soft and sticky. Put enough potato starch on your hands when touching. Spread mochi on your hand and put anko ball and wrap it.


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