More Sakura… what kinds are blooming in Tokyo now?

I wrote in the yesterday’s post about forecasted sakura blooming days that some kinds of sakura bloom later than that popular someiyoshino, but there are some kinds blooming before someiyoshino as well.

I took these picutures yesterday (March 3) at Shinjuku Gyoen after an appointment. It’s one of the most recommended places to enjoy a variety of sakura in Tokyo – there are about 65 kinds of sakura. Here are some kinds of sakura you can see right now!





Bulbul on a shuzenji-kanzakura tree




And now, ume blossoms are in full bloom so don’t miss it!




4 thoughts on “More Sakura… what kinds are blooming in Tokyo now?”

  1. Sakura are starting to bloom in Vancouver now, too! I’ll be going back to Japan again in a few weeks. I wonder if the sakura will still be there…I would be sad if I missed them!

      1. Sakura have a long and interesting history in Vancouver. They were originally gifted to Vancouver by mayors of Kobe and Yokohama, and the consul general of Japan. Some were gifted to Vancouver almost 100 years ago! Now, we have more than 130,000 sakura trees, and there’s a sakura festival every year! This year, though, I hope to be in Japan for hanami! 😀

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