My special porridge for colds

Yay, I’m totally recovered from a cold! So I want to intorduce the recipe which might have helped my recovery. As I explained in my last post, rice porridge is a popular meal for colds. This time, I added everything in my fridge that is effective to warm one’s body and help the immune system in it!

Ingredients: cooked rice for one person (this is to save time, so if you don’t have the stock of cooked rice, simply use uncooked rice and increase the amount of water), the same amount of water as cooked rice, one umeboshi, 100g lotus root,  1 tbsp grated ginger and green onion


1. Simmer cooked rice and water in a pod.

2. Add grated lotus root, chopped umeboshi and grated ginger. Simmer for a while.

3. Serve in a bowl. Top with sliced green onion.


2 thoughts on “My special porridge for colds”

  1. Interesting combination! I never thought about adding lotus root and ginger to okayu! It’s usually just rice and umeboshi for me. When I’m really sick, the only things I can manage to eat are rice porridge with umeboshi, ochazuke, and oranges hehe. Have you ever tried making okayu with brown rice? I wonder if it would work… 🙂

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