Takikomi-gohan (Japanese flavored rice) with dried scallops

It’s worth making takikomi-gohan if you have a chance to get nice dried scallops. In Tokyo, you can fine them in the Tsukiji Outer Market or Ameyoko Shopping Street.

Ingredients:  2 rice mesuring cups of rice (approx 300g), 40g dried scallops, 1/2 pack enoki mushrooms, 1 sheet of aburaage, 1/2 carrot, 2 tbsp sake, 2tbsp soy sauce, 400ml water


  1. Soak dried scallops in water till soft (at least 3 hours, overnight if possibile). Don’t throw away this water as it will be used as dashi.
  2. Measure and wash rice to add in a rice cooker.
  3. Cut enoki mushrooms, aburraage and carrot. Add in the rice cooker.   
  4. Add water, sake and soy sauce and cook.

5. Once cooked, mix well and serve in a rice bowl.

9 thoughts on “Takikomi-gohan (Japanese flavored rice) with dried scallops”

  1. Oh this looks nice!! This morning I cooked rice with kiriboshi daikon, dried shiitake, and kombu. Does that count as a type of takikomi gohan? Haha I don’t know…but that was good too! I love adding things into the rice cooker 😛

    1. Thanks Elle! And yours is also akikomi-gohan – it sounds delicious. 🙂 If you cook rice with ingredients and seasonings, that’s called “takikomi(cook together)-gohan”. Very similar dish “maze(mix)-gohan” is cooked plain rice, ingredients and seasonings mixed together afterwards.

      1. Oh, maybe you would be the perfect person to ask! In Ibaraki, someone cooked me a rice dish and I can’t remember what she called it. It wasn’t maze-gohan, takikomi-gohan, or seki-han. It was some name I had not heard before. She soaked mochi-gome overnight, and then steamed it with shoyu, and very thinly sliced kombu, gobo, ninjin, and shiitake. The mochi-gome was white, but because of the shoyu it was a light brown after steaming. Any idea what this is called? 😀

      2. Oh I never knew what they were called haha! I love chimaki! Not only the savory ones, but the sweet ones too. I had a chimaki filled with anko, which was incredible 🙂

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