Miso Marination

As many cuisines do, Japanese cuisine has various ways of pickling and marinating to preserve food: nuka-zuke (pickling vegetables in rice-bran paste), asa-zuke (pickling vegetables lightly with salt and other seasonings), kasu-zuke (pickling vegetables or fish in sakekasu) , to name a few.

In many parts of Japan, every household used to have one nuka-doko (rice bran paste to make pickles). Now the number of household with their own nuka-doko has decreased, but it’s gaining attention again among those who love natural food.

Although I want to have my own nuka-doko, to be honest, I don’t really like its taste. So instead, I started to make my own miso-doko (miso paste to marinate vegetables, meat and fish). I love miso and it’s far easier than nuka-doko to maintain. Following a famous recipe of Matsuda Michiko,  I finally made a ninniku-miso-doko (miso paste with garlics). According to her, it can last for long time thanks to the antibacterial effect of garlics.

First, as per the recipe, I mixed 500g miso paste (I blended two different kinds of miso), approx. 67g sake and 1 head of garlic (peeled and sliced) and left in a fridge for 10 days.

  Ten days later, marinated quickly boiled beef overnight. According to the recipe, marinating beef will better the taste of miso paste (Personally, I think this step can be skipped, because the miso paste with garlics, before marinating beef, already tasted great)… It’s all about preparation! After that, any ingredients can be pickled.

*Her book says even raw ingredients can be marinated in the same container, I prefer separating small amount of paste on plastic wrap to marinate such items.

So far, I’ve tried pork, carrots and the two ingredients as below.


I didn’t know miso-marinated sashimi tasted so great! If you like raw fish, it’s worth trying. Just marinate sliced sashimi as you like (I used tuna and scallops) for about 3 hours. Wash off the paste before serving. They go very well with sake!


It’s quite a famous recipe. Drain water off tofu and marinate it in miso paste for a couple of days. Wash off the paste and slice it before serving. It tastes somewhat like cheese and will make a good appetizer.

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