Transition: Beautiful flowers and strange Christmas customs in Japan

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Transition“.

Cyclamens and poinsettias in crimson, red, pink, purple and cream in front of flower shops in this season are simply beautiful. It looks like a one piece of art transitioning its colors.

Without any doubt, they are Christmas flowers. In December, cities in Japan become so colorful and joyful with lots of illuminations, decorations, flowers and music…

Well, but it’s still a big mystery to me (and to most of the people, I believe) why there are many strange Christmas customs in Japan where most of the people are non-Christian.

For small kids, it’s a day to receive a Christmas from Santa Clause. In the morning on December 25, they will find a gift (in most cases, they know what they receive because their moms make them write a letter to Santa Clause) near their pillows. Mothers prepare chicken dishes (Not turkeys in most cases. It’s even KFC in some families…) and so-called “Christmas cake”. I enjoyed it as a kid without any thought.

Things get worse as we grow up. We gradually become obsessed with the fixed idea that we must spend a very romantic Christmas Eve with someone special… Media frequently reports what to buy as Christmas gifts, where to go, what to where, and what to eat…

Now, as a married woman, I’m free from that obsession. And I already know these customs are for B-to-C companies. But this year (again), it’s more than likely that I, who moderately believe in Buddhism and Shintoism, will prepare some Chicken dish and Christmas cake without finding out what drives me to do so…

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