Miso soup of the day: Potato, sweetcorn, green beans, milk & butter

This is another experimental miso soup recipe!  It doesn’t look like a Japanese soup at all… But believe me, it tastes so good!

I came up with this recipe inspired by Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan, as I got nice potatoes branded “Kita-akari” produced there yesterday. One of the most popular local dishes in Hokkaido is “Jaga butter” which is simply cooked (steamed/boiled/microwaved) potatoes with butter. So I wanted to represent this “Jaga butter” in miso soup.

First I cooked the potatoes cut in bite sizes in a broth and added sweetcorn and milk that also evoke an image of Hokkaido, then green beans to make the soup more colorful. After flavored with miso paste, serve in a soup bowl and top with a small amount of butter.

It’s mild and comforting. It goes well with Western dishes too!


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