Super Easy Daikon & Scallop Salad

My husband and I are lucky enough to receive certain kinds of vegetables every season from the people around us – our parents, relatives, co-workers and neighbors…

In autumn and winter, daikon radishes, hakusai (napa cabbages) and apples come in to our place. Now the daikon season has come.

This is a popular recipe to enjoy fresh daikon at home. It’s super simple and tastes great. It goes well with sake, beer and white wine as well.


7-8 cm daikon, a can of scallops, 2-3 tbsp mayonnaise (I recommend ’Kewpie’!), a pinch of salt and black pepper.


  1. Julienne daikon, put into a bowl and sprinkle over salt. Leave it for a while, around 5-10 minutes until the liquid comes out. Squeeze out the moisture.
  2. Add a can of scallops (together with the liquid inside the can), mayonnaise, black pepper and mix well.

That’s it!

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