Miso soup of the day: Kasu-jiru (sake lees soup)

‘Sake kasu (sake lees)’ – an edible byproduct from sake – has been re-evaluated and getting attention in the past few years here. It’s one of the traditional Japanese fermented food. Amazingly nutritious and versatile, ‘sake kasu’ can be used in many ways, from cooking to making all-natural facial masks! This ‘kasu-jiru’ is a very basic recipe using ‘sake kasu’ suitable for cold days.

Cut root vegetables (carrot, daikon raddish, potato etc.) and salmon or pork (I used salmon this time) into bite-size pieces and cook in water with ‘sake-kasu’ (40-50g per person). Then flavor with miso paste (or soy sauce). Top with thinly sliced ginger, chopped scallions and red pepper as you like.

It will make you warm inside and help you adjust a physical condition ūüôā

The roots of the scallions I used for making miso soup and planted on Oct 2 (see the details from here) have regrown like this!

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