Omu-rice (Japanese Rice Omelet)

Omu-rice is one of the most popular Japanese one-plate dishes at home and restaurants. For me, it’s best for a weekend brunch. It’s easy, tasty, filling and doesn’t require special ingredients. And no need to wash lots of dishes afterwards!


Ingredients (per serving):

150g cooked rice, 1/4 onions, vegetables + meat/fish you like, ketchup, milk, oil, black pepper.
*Suggested vegetables: carrot, green pepper, mushroom
*Suggested meat/fish: chopped chicken, grounded beef/pork/chicken, chopped ham/sausage, shrimps, salmon flakes, dried young sardines
*This time, I used a green pepper, salmon flakes and dried ‘sakura ebi (tiny shrimps)’.


  1. Make ketchup flavored fried rice: Stir fry chopped onions and vegetables + meat / fish. Add 1 tbsp ketchup and stir well. Then add rice and black pepper, stir until all the ingredients are mixed.
  2. Make omelet: Beat 2 eggs in a bowl, add 1/2 tbsp milk and mix well. Then fry it in a pan.
  3. Wrap rice with the omelet in the pan.
  4. Decorate the surface with ketchup as you like.

Ketchup flavored fried rice + ketchup topping is just the basic. In fact, there are different omu-rice dishes. Fried rice can be flavored with butter, soy sauce or salt + pepper instead of ketchup. If you use bechamel or demi-glace sauce instead of ketchup topping, it will make a sophisticated dinner plate. Or you can even make curry omu-rice: use plain rice, make omelet and finish with curry sauce.


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