A Day Trip fromTokyo: Yoshino-machi

So what are these holes??

They were once assumed to be the houses for ‘korobokkuru’, legendary small people. After the academic investigation, now they are considered as ancient tombs.



This place is called ‘Yoshino-hyakuana (100 holes in Yoshino) in Yoshino-machi, Saitama, located about 70km from Tokyo.

Yesterday, we visited this town for the first time with my mom. We had heard of it, but did not go because it’s very close. 

Yoshino-hyakuana is designated as one of the national historic sites and managed by the local government of Yoshino-machi. But interestingly, the land ownership belongs to the private family whose member runs a souvenir shop on the right side of the hill with holes. Lots of excavated artifacts and photos taken at the investigation were exhibited in the shop.

Following the shop owner’s advice, we went to lots of other different places as well.

This is Anraku-ji, a.k.a. Yoshimi-kannon. We didn’t know there was such a solemn temple…   


We found cute cats in front of a local dango shop. Thy are sitting on the mat which says “welcome” – real beckoning cats!  

Our next destination was ‘cosmos festival’.  

In front of the cosmos field, they exhibited scarecrows.


They are all scarecrows!

 The rice field was also beautiful. 

In sum, it was lots of fun! And we realized how we had been overlooked something interesting close to us…


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