Foe Gras Rice Bowl – Such a Small Treat!

Since I leaned it wasn’t that difficult to cook foe gras, I came to buy the frozen pieces online and stock them in the freezer to enjoy on special occasions. Yesterday morning, I woke up to find the freezer door left ajar! So I decided to save a defrozen piece of foe gras!!

There are two representative Japanese-french fusion dishes using foe gras. One is “foe gras daikon (foe gras with boiled daikon raddish)” and the other is “foe gras don (foe gras rice bowl)” that I cooked this time.


  1. Cook japonica rice.
  2. Prepare sauce. Cook balsamic vinegar, maple syrup and soy sauce (1 tsp each) in a small pan until thickened.
  3. Coat with a piece of foe gras flour and cook it in a very hot flying pan.
  4. Dish up rice, foe gras, green onion and sauce.

If you cook it at home, it’s less expensive than McDonalds Big Mac Meal 😉


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