Japan’s Future Imagined 300 Years Ago

In her essay entitled “Ichinichi Edojin”,  Hinako Sugiura introduced the future of Japan imagined more than 300 years ago. She summarizes the predictions as follows.

(1) A sense of the season will disappear. (Food of season will come very early.)

(2) People will like what’s expensive in everything. After they enjoyed the lavish things, they will fall in love with geeky hobbies. (Unique outfits will be very popular. Retrospect of classics will attract lots of attention.)

(3) Women play active roles in many areas. (The areas dominated by males will disappear.)

(4) Nature destruction. (People build houses deep in the mountains. Even sacred mountains get vulgar.)

(5) There will be no difference between professionals and amateurs. (Especially in entertainment industry.)

(6) Hand-made stuff will be replaced with cheap packaged products. (e.g. Tanabata package, New Year’s package etc.)

(7) Adults will read comic books and more children read difficult books.

(8) Children come to enjoy spicy food.

(9) Japanese language will be corrupted and jargons will get popular. At last, enigmatic katakana  words will spread.

(10) Professional prostitutes will get rich and enter the business world.

(11) Old people try to look young and old love will be popular. Young people will enjoy old people’s taste and hobbies.

(12) Bon and New Year will come together. (Events will get popular.)

It’s interesting that most of them have come true more or less. What kind of future can we envision now?


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