Art of Miso Soup

Whenever I visit the Japanese restaurants abroad, I get surprised to see how expensive their miso soup is. In fact, making miso soup is not difficult at all, if you can get miso paste.

A typical Japanese home meal consists of a bowl of steamed rice, a bowl of miso soup and side dishes. We don’t eat sushi everyday.

Apart from the fact that it’s indispensable when you prepare Japanese food, miso soup has lots of benefit as below.

    • Quick to make: You just need 10-15 minutes for preparation unless you make very complexed ones.

    • Flexible and creative: Most ingredients go well with miso taste. You can arrange it in many various ways.

    • Economical and eco-friendly: You can use what’s left in the fridge.

  • Healthy: It has various effects such as warming your body, improving the enteral environment and having antioxidative effect.
So you want to make it now? Here’s how to.

1) Boil water (dashi soup) in a pot. Cut any ingredients you like into bite-size pieces and add them in the pot. While cooking, skim off the scum on the surface.
* I recommend to use dashi stock when you use vegetables with light taste. If you don’t have dashi stock, use mushroom, seafood and/or meat, then it will give miso soup rich taste without dashi.

2) After the ingredients are boiled, and turn the stove off to add miso paste. (The average amount is 1 tbsp per 1 cup, but make sure to check its taste by yourself. First put a small amount and then gradually increase it until it tastes well.) Turn on the stove again to heat it for a short while before serving.

That’s it! Enjoy your miso soup 🙂

2 thoughts on “Art of Miso Soup”

  1. I just posted a Tako Miso Soup recipe in which I use miso paste. It was simple to make, and tasted good, too. Thanks for posting this I will use dashi stock the next time I make miso soup.

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